Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cop 'Em: Jeffery Campbell "CLINIC" Shoe

LADIES IN THE GAME... Dawn Richard is killing you right now! Her shoe game is always BEYOND ON POINT! Dawn is probably one of the few celebs that will rock something totally left field of what traditional standards of fashion SAY you SHOULD wear. And let me just say, she rocks them shits well!!

So today is Dawn's Birthday and she tweeted a picture of the shoe that she plans on rocking tonight for her birthday (No doubt, she'll be popping "BOTTLES"!! *DIDJAGITIT?*) And yet again, Dawn has SLAYED us with this AMAZING Jeffery Campbell bootie that is TO DIE FOR! The one amazing feature to this shoe that makes it extra fabulous is... they're affordable!!

Designer: Jeffery Campbell
BUY: KarmaLoop
Price: $152.00


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