Sunday, August 8, 2010

BROWN SKIN... Orange Lip [VID TUT]

Shingai Shoniwa of Noisettes

So basically, I'm a big ass wimp. No I do not deny it or make excuses for it. I do not like to take DARING risks. Primarily because THEY'RE RISKS! The further you push the envelope the further you have to go for an explanation. And I suppose, its safe to say we all know how I feel about explaining things. So we (meaning me) just don't go there. However, today I found this AMAZING video tutorial on wearing a BOLD ORANGE OPAQUE LIP! Say Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! YES! An ORANGE lip! And I've got to say, its probably the best thing I've seen in cosmetics since Maybelline's XXL Lash Extensions Mascara! (Yeah I know that they have more IMPROVED versions, but ladies, you know how it is when you find something that you really like... I SWEAR BY IT!)

One of the reasons why I am in love with the look is because I too and a CHOCOLATE SISTA with a full lip that often is intimidating. The last thing I'd like to do is draw unnecessary attention to my face in an unflattering way. So I steer clear of BRIGHT, unconventional colors, like Orange, for fear of being mocked as a clown. So latter in the week I will be visiting my neighborhood TARGET (You gotta say it really snooty, with your pinky finger and nose pointed in the air) and I will try to see if they have any outrageous lip colors and I will post up pics to show you guys the finished product. SO STAY TUNED!

However, in the meantime, check it out and leave a comment... after the "BEEP" (lol)


Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Me likey! :-) You look cute.

KyToy said...

Something I grabbed off of Youtube. Definitely not me. However, I wish it were. She's rocking this orange lip!!