Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alice + Olivia CAREER Collection

I wish I had a career that was sexy like this... OWW! One of my fav labels, Alice + Olivia, FINALLY started their own career collection featuring pieces that are simple, sleek and TO DIE FOR!

Originally, this thread was a "What to Wear... to the office", "HI-LO", entry, but then I realized that this collection was just way too good to just pick and choose a few pieces and then create budget friendly versions. I had to let the collection speak for itself and show that dressing for work/career isn't all suits and ties, tights and demure. Its fun, funky and full of personality. Alice + Olivia do a great job in defining that.

Here are a few of MY favorite looks... (PSSST, don't be afraid to mix these looks up with some COLOR!)

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Kristie J. Stokes said...

Wow! Another fabulous collection of dress for women . Nice fashion and style. Beautiful dress looking very amazing and cute. I love to read this blog as it brings vast knowledge and experience. Keep up updating the post regularly...