Friday, July 23, 2010

$10 off $50 & $20 off $100 at Aéropostale®

Make sure you check out the great deals going down at Aéropostale this weekend (and this weekend ONLY). You can print off this $10 off $50 coupon OR shop online and double your savings with $20 off $100!!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Charlotte Russe Free Shipping TODAY ONLY

 If you are a Charlotte Russe type of girl, then this buds for you. Today and TODAY ONLY, Charlotte Russe is shipping all DENIM orders FOR FREE! Take advantage of this while you can FRUGALNISTAS! This is a GREAT deal to get started on Back-to-School or for those of us who need to add the finishing touches to our denim wardrobe.

Remember TODAY ONLY!


Dawn Richard (no 'S') Graces Kontrol Magazine

Make sure you support (cop the magazine) and check out Dawn in Kontrol Magazine's new "FANTASY" Issue!

You Give Me Fever

These shoes right here give me FEEEEVAAAAH, they're just so hot!
The color is CHIC and the style is just HAUTE! I think I need to stare at them a little while longer... *basking in this wonderful sight*

Anyhoo... here's an avatar of these shoes if you'd like it:

Shoes: Paule Ka

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hi-Low: It's Electric!

This fall its all about electrifying colors and making a very SPLASHY statement! Here's a composition of a "Hi-Low" look which incorporates a mixture high end with budget friendly items all in one look. I hope you enjoy this. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post your finds!

It's Electric!Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Friday, July 16, 2010

Frugalnista Finds: Go Rocker Chic for Under $55

Get this look at Forever 21 for under $55!
Forever 21 (For Under $55)Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Boot Camp

As you can probably see, yeah, I'm a "Shoe Whore" (NOUN: One who will do anything for shoes) but I can't seem to help it, to me shoes are the HIGHLIGHT if not THE boldest accessory you can ever wear with your outfit. For most of us, shoes have significance and give your complete outfit a STATEMENT!

So as a result, the shoe is essentially the most important piece to your look!

And it is no surprise that this season the boot has made a very STRONG statement (also, look out for the boot & bootie in the Fall and Winter seasons as well.) These are some styles that can take you from Plain Jane to Va Va Vixen in 0 to 60 mph FLAT!

(Also, make sure to post your own finds as well)

So Shiny and New

Tis the season to wear Metallic, Metals & anything SHINY... Falalalala Lalalala
These are the things that dreams are made of...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Get a FREE Panty at Vickies Secret NOW

Ladies, you have until next monday to sign up and get your coupon for a FREE PINK (or white or black) PANTY with any PINK purchase.

The Catch: You've got to sign up with PINK NATION!

*Sigh* I just Love PINK...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gotta Love The Bird

I was at the mall, walking past American Eagle when I had to go in a try this dress. Yes, its PINK! *bows head in shame* And I couldn't resist.

The outfit is pretty affordable, however, if you already have certain pieces or you know where to get them cheaper or of better quality, be sure to let us know!

American Eagle American Eagle American Eagle

Draped Cardigan: $29.50 [BUY]
Floral Front Zipper Dress: $44.50 [BUY]
Leather Braided Belt: $29.50 [BUY]

Ring The Alarm

It's early in the morning and I'm on my way out of the door, headed to work and the first thing that flashes through my mind is "WHOA! Where's my ring?" Yes, I too happen to be one of those people who have a finger complex and need to wear rings AT ALL TIMES!

So today's first post is all about the rings. We go from high to low and I think I picked out a few really cute and exotic styles for you to check out. Let me know what'cha think!

Fantasy Jewelry Box Chick Down Town Forever21

Metal Mania

I did a post yesterday that featured a pair of Raphael Young cutout booties that featured a heavy dosage of metal fringe on the side. Well I've decided to do a FRUGALNISTA play on the shoe and give a more affordable version of the shoe as well as a few pieces that I felt worked well with it.

NY&Co American Eagle Forever21 Forever21

Charlotte Russe for FRUGALNISTAS

So if you haven't heard already, specialty retailer, Charlotte Russe, whose known for their affordable juniors apparel has just revamped their look and their apparel. Now, it may cost you a little bit more to get your hands on these pieces, but the benefit of this make over is that the quality is a bit better than before.

One of the new lines that they've released is their Sport Couture line. Lots of sportswear pieces including cotton racer back tanks, bombers, fun prints, & plenty of FABULOUSNESS for you to shop (by outfit by the way).

Here are some pieces that I thought was very DAWNesque and that you FRUGALNISTAS would probably like, especially since this entire outfit is under $100!!

Click the photo's to purchase from Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe,DLD Charlotte Russe Charlotte Russe,DLD

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dawn's New Look!

She's back to long hair again. What do you think of the "new" look? Yay or Nay? Let us know in the comments below!

CREDIT: KalennaPromo

Get Well Soon Dawnie!!

According to Dawn's dad, Frank,  Dawn needs our prayers. He's updated us on Dawn's condition tonight via Twitter, saying:
Dawn's a trooper..pray for her..and her health..she just loves to perform for her fans..It's very hard for yall
"Papa Richard" (as I like to call him) took to his twitter account to rally the troops in prayer for our girl, Dawn's health. Don't quite know what exactly is wrong with her but if its enough for Papa Richard to take to twitter and request prayers, it could be serious!

So we want to wish our Dawn a SPEEDY RECOVERY!!

Heavy Metal

This shoe has just about the right amount of edge for a girl like me to seriously rock out in. Look at that amazing metal detailed fringe?? I can so see Dawn rocking out on the stage in these booties... WHAT DO YOU THINK?

SHOP: Raphael Young Black Patent Cork Wedge Heel

Pardon The Mess...

Please excuse the mess... I'm still here updating the header for the blog, trying to get it COREECTAMENTE!!!

Naahhh mean? (lol)
Stay tuned! Keep it locked! All of that good stuff, because we're just getting started...

Think Pink,..

I have an attraction towards anything pink... so I'm going to apologize now for any overabundance when it comes to pink, especially ROCKER PINK!! OOWWWWW

SHOP: DSquared Patent Leather Rubber Sole Platform in FUCHSIA

Faux Real??

A Plaid Faux overall T-Skirt! This is too good to be true...

SHOP: DSqaured Plaid Jersey Dress

Cyan with Envy

I actually recently just purchased this color... can't wait to try it out AND when I do, I'll be sure to post it up so you guys can see how it all turned out.

But besides all of that, the color is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

SHOP: Ciaté Festival Fever Paint Pots

A Lime Croc Shoe... #WhereTheyDoThatAt

Is this shoe not baniddles or what? 

ASOS™ Howie Sandal

Since the previous post about the Ghubar Mag dress, I've been browsing ASOS and I've got to tell you, this is probably my new favorite addiction.

Well, here's another piece of EYE CANDY for you SHOENISTA'S out there.

ASOS HOWIE Suede Double Buckle Clog Platform Sandal 
(Psst! It's only $50.54) *Point. Click. Added to my collection of shoes!*

LUVNDQUE: The #1 Source For Dawn Richard & Que Mosley - Dirty Money & Rick Ross X V103 Car & Bike Show

Here' you can get a glimpse of Dawn's NEW LOOK!! OOOWWW...

LUVNDQUE: The #1 Source For Dawn Richard & Que Mosley - Dirty Money & Rick Ross X V103 Car & Bike Show

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dawn in GHUBAR Magazine

Ghubar Magazine,Dawn Richard Ghubar Magazine,Dawn Richard

Ghubar Magazine,Dawn Richard
CREDIT: Necole Bitchie

Here are the snapshots of our girl Dawn featured in the Summer 2010 issue of Ghubar Magazine! I'm not sure how subscriptions for international publications work, but if you are really interested in reading this article (think its in France), then make sure you subscribe!

By the looks of this particular shoot, I'd say it was a complete success and was highly FABULOUS! One of the looks like I like ALOT happens to be the long sleeve, bodycon mini that seemed to be the most practical ensemble of the shoot. You might not want to wear it during the day, but you can rock it all night! *wink* Here's a similar lace, 3/4 sleeved one from ASOS that you can grab too for just $26.95!!!! Hmph, I'll be doing some laps on the treadmill and ordering mine at the same time! lol

Oooh Snizzap...

Or at least I think it is anyway... DRESS LIKE DAWN BLOG!!!!

So before we get started let me just lay down the law on a few things really quick...
  1. I'm not Dawn Richard! There's no association nor affiliation with Dawn Richard or her management. I'm a fan (no "Stans" over here. However, for the right price, we can work something out...) of Dawn Richard's style. Therefore, making this blog ran by a fan for other fans of her style. (oh and no copyright infringement intended. If I do, let me know, I'll remove said image promptly. Just trying to be the messenger!)
  2. This blog is not SOLELY about Dawn Richard, but merely a guide to how and where you can find exact and similar pieces that she wears and (according to us) what we think she might like, as well as things that we think are cool as well.
Now that we've gotten that monkey off of our backs... let's have some fun!

Wanna send in requests for items? SURE THING! Email us at and I'll try my best to look for it and post it and find other options for you as well.

I really hope you enjoy this little blog.

Tootlypooh ;0]