Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oooh Snizzap...

Or at least I think it is anyway... DRESS LIKE DAWN BLOG!!!!

So before we get started let me just lay down the law on a few things really quick...
  1. I'm not Dawn Richard! There's no association nor affiliation with Dawn Richard or her management. I'm a fan (no "Stans" over here. However, for the right price, we can work something out...) of Dawn Richard's style. Therefore, making this blog ran by a fan for other fans of her style. (oh and no copyright infringement intended. If I do, let me know, I'll remove said image promptly. Just trying to be the messenger!)
  2. This blog is not SOLELY about Dawn Richard, but merely a guide to how and where you can find exact and similar pieces that she wears and (according to us) what we think she might like, as well as things that we think are cool as well.
Now that we've gotten that monkey off of our backs... let's have some fun!

Wanna send in requests for items? SURE THING! Email us at and I'll try my best to look for it and post it and find other options for you as well.

I really hope you enjoy this little blog.

Tootlypooh ;0]

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