Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dawn in GHUBAR Magazine

Ghubar Magazine,Dawn Richard Ghubar Magazine,Dawn Richard

Ghubar Magazine,Dawn Richard
CREDIT: Necole Bitchie

Here are the snapshots of our girl Dawn featured in the Summer 2010 issue of Ghubar Magazine! I'm not sure how subscriptions for international publications work, but if you are really interested in reading this article (think its in France), then make sure you subscribe!

By the looks of this particular shoot, I'd say it was a complete success and was highly FABULOUS! One of the looks like I like ALOT happens to be the long sleeve, bodycon mini that seemed to be the most practical ensemble of the shoot. You might not want to wear it during the day, but you can rock it all night! *wink* Here's a similar lace, 3/4 sleeved one from ASOS that you can grab too for just $26.95!!!! Hmph, I'll be doing some laps on the treadmill and ordering mine at the same time! lol

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