Saturday, February 4, 2012

Endings and Beginnings...

Hello 'Nista's, today is not a post on reviving the blog; bringing back the cheat sheet for all things Dawn Richard, but more or less, a 'so long, see ya later' kind of thing.

DLD is OVER! I'm sorry, but it was fun. HOWEVER, I have thought long and hard on what I love the most and that is Fashion! I may or may not have expressed my interests in it before but judging by this blog, I don't think you could miss that message.

So although DLD has been and is over, I have decided to start a style blog, from scratch, no hooks, no catches... simply style from my perspective. The art of it all, so to speak.

And as a result I'd like to invite YOU!

I will have a post up in a few weeks that will link back to the new spot and as much as I hate to make promises, this spot will not disappoint.

See ya then! ;0)