Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who Rocked it Harder? Dawn Richard vs. Lydia Hearst

Yet another "Who Rocked it Harder?" post where you tell me who you think rocked the same fashion piece the hardest!!

As seen in the picture above, Dawn Richard and Lydia Hearst were both spotted wearing the SAME Deola Sagoe dress, on the red carpet. Lydia wore hers back in May for the E! 20th Year Birthday Party Celebration, while Dawn wore hers this week to the African American Literary Awards (she was there representing her Comic Book "Danity Kane")

While Lydia wore her dress with a pair of leopard skin tights and a pair of suede cuffed heel sandals, Dawn opted for thigh high suede boots.

Who do you think looked the best in their Deola Sagoe dress?

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KyToy said...

Naturally I think I would go with Dawn because she wore the boots BUT I like Lydia's Leopard print tights! Those joints are HAUTE!!! =D